Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Life- Schools in Pictures

I just discovered Through Your Lens: School Facilities across America. Adequate facilities are such a huge part of making welcoming, safe, and comfortable teaching and learning spaces.

School buildings must be part of nation's conversation about education. Quality education requires quality spaces, something that millions of students lack.
We know that millions of children, especially those living in low-wealth school districts, spend their school days in poor quality, unhealthy, and overcrowded buildings that cause health problems and limit educational opportunities. All students and teachers have the right to adequate, appropriate learning conditions that will allow them to strive for and achieve the goals being set for them. No single level of government can accomplish this alone. We must create a new federal, state, and local partnership to ensure that each and every single community has sufficient resources to provide high-quality school buildings to their students.

And Slate is hosting an awesome space for dialogue and contest about reinventing education. spaces.

Monday, October 4, 2010

settling in

It was a Bittersweet Back to School for me. See my latest post on GothamSchools. I'll be exploring the differences between working in Brownsville, Brooklyn and Park Slope as I blog for them over the next few months.
As the last two weeks of summer went by, I met with old and new teaching colleagues. I reminisced over dinner with a teacher who taught across the hall from me at the school I left last year. I laughed over lunch with a nurturing and seasoned paraprofessional from that school. And I sent back-to-school packages to students from last year’s class, piecing together some books, erasers, and pencils. What did I realize? It’s difficult to move on. Especially as a new teacher.