Saturday, February 16, 2008

Play Time

NYT has some interesting insight into the importance of play time. While schools and classrooms are taking "play" out of the picture, some scientists are aiming to prove the developmental importance of creative play.

One possible hypothesis is that play can open up rehearsals for future situations and problem solving activities:

The individual most likely to prevail is the one who believes in possibilities — an optimist, a creative thinker, a person who has a sense of power and control. Imaginative play, even when it involves mucking around in the phantasmagoria,
creates such a person. ‘‘The adaptive advantage has often gone to those who entured upon their possibility with cries of exultant commitment,’’ Sutton-Smith wrote. ‘‘What is adaptive about play, therefore, may be not only the skills that are a part of it but also the willful belief in acting out one’s own capacity for the future.’’

Doesn't sound too far from theatre practitioner Augusto Boal's notion that theatre is a rehearsal for life.

Check out The National Instutute for Play for more information.

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