Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Exploring Home

Still on the topic of using the arts to explore the concept of "home."

NYU Tisch student Bobby Sukrachand's photography explores the lives of a homeless community in Jackson Heights, Queens. The exhibit is on display on the Eighth Floor Gallery of 721 Broadway until March 15.

On Tuesday, I attended a class about an educational theatre teaching program in Gulu, Uganda in conjunction with Invisible Children. Coincidentally the focus of the activity was on the creation of an "I am From" poem.

Participants write down thoughts that describe:
  • Items found in your home:
  • Items found in your neighborhood:
  • Names of relatives:
  • A particular saying that you are fond of:
  • Names of food and dishes that you enjoy or remind you of family gathers:
  • Someone you admire:
  • A smell that you enjoy or reminds you of home:
  • A place that you would call your getaway:

Participants then place "I am from" before the words they have written. Students can modify what they have written or choose not to modify it at all. In the end, the poems can be simple and beautiful. Here is mine:

I am from wine, friends, and books.

I am from coffee shops, families, and schools.

I am from my Mom, Debbie, and my Dad, Brother, and Grandpa--all named
George. My Grandma and Grandpa Woodsey and Grammy and Pop Pop Hetzer.

I am from "Liz, it'll be ok."

I am from homemade chicken divan casserole.

I am from my mom--she has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

I am from freshly cut grass and pine trees.

I am from my relaxed small town in the 'burgh.

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