Friday, May 23, 2008

Documentary: Middle School/Middle Passage (the Journey)

Talks with Wolves, an arts residency program, documents their work with a Brooklyn school in Brownsville, NY in Middle School/Middle Passage (the Journey).

Understanding our own diverse histories and working with the diverse histories of our students and their families to generate learning. That's why it's so important that we don't allow things like this Arizona legislation to pass.

Find out more information about the documentary here.


Dave said...

Why is it such a bad thing to believe that some cultures are better than others? Why do we have to be relativistic in our determination of what should be included in multicultural education? Western civilization is better than many civilizations. Does that make me close-minded or a bigot?

LH said...

I'd like to ask for some clarification:

What do you think should be included within multicultural education? What do you think should be excluded?

In what ways is western civilization superior to other cultures/civilizations?

What cultures do you think are less morally superior than western ones?