Friday, August 7, 2009

Writers Corp Resources

From WritersCorps in San Francisco
Anthologies, Lesson Plans, and Resources

Jump Write In!
Days I Moved Through Ordinary Sounds

Jump Write In! is a collection of lesson plans created by WritersCorps
Teaching Artists. It was published by Josey-Bass. Summary about the
book (on the sidebar to the right), including the TOC:

There are also some of the exercises on the site for people to use.
It's in the Teaching Tools section of our site
The lessons are sortable by topic. There are a just few up right
now, but a lot more will be added.

Days I Moved is an anthology of fiction, poetry and memoir by Teaching
Artists who have served in WritersCorps. Each writer shares a brief
memoir about their time as teaching artists, as well as their own
creative work.

Summary about the book:

Authors who are in the book:

The student work section of the site features poems and photos by
students, also sortable by category, or the cloud tag on the right:

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