Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cuddly reading buddies and more

  • Reading to dogs can help kids boost their reading skills. (Good Morning America)
  • Wealthier special education parents are more likely to ask the DOE to pay for their child's private schooling. (WSJ)
  • My opinion on this article? Don't leave arts education up to principals! (Observer)
  • Texas Special Ed students are twice as likely to be suspended. (Texas Tribune)

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eko said...

Our public library has a program where dogs are brought in (with their owners) and kids read to them. They're in a decent sized program room and the kid and dog find a corner/space and sit on the floor together and the child reads. One rationale why this works is that the dog isn't critical of the reading skills the child has. The dog's owner is in the room I believe but not really 'with' their dog, so the dog/child are essentially alone.